Sunday, June 26, 2011

First of Many

Nae eel-gee, means my diary in Korean.

Hi! My name is Joseph Bang and I just finished my second year of college. Some know me as Hansol, many as Joseph. It's a complicated story. I'll get to it later. On my first post, I just wanted to explain why I want to blog. I had just come home yesterday from Chicago (via Austin, another story), where I go to college in a smaller city by the name of Evanston. When you're home, you just want to take the first few days kind of relaxing a bit. I like to relax by looking around things - not just anything - but things that bring back memories of the past. Photo albums, old journals, videos, you name it. By my side I have a yellow, Mickey-Mouse diary that begins with an entry from December 26, 1997 - my first day in the South American country by the name of Chile (yet another story). You may wonder what I was doing in Chile. I would love to tell you, but you are going to have to wait on this one.

So back in the day, I had a strict enforcer who would force me to write daily entries recounting what had happened during that day. That enforcer was my mom and I hated writing journals. I thought my memories were invincible, and that writing journals was for girls. I much preferred to run around a few more minutes out on the block than pencil some then-what-I-thought meaningless words in pre-printed lines of paper. It even had little icons that you circled what kind of day that day was (sunny, cloudy, rainy, snowy, etc..) and a clock where you draw the arms of the time you woke up.

What I thought was so silly a decade ago remains so precious to me today. The fact that I can enter into the forgotten past is very soothing. I regret the days I went to bed without putting pencil to paper.

Which is why I'm on this blog.

I want to be able to look back on this blog a decade or two from now, and smile. I can't promise myself that I will write every single day. That's hard. I failed many times trying to do that. But I hope to be able to set some schedule so that I can at least write once a week. Maybe the next few days, I'll update daily, since I have some more time being vacation. Anyhow, remind me if I'm not updating often!

A few interesting facts of today: The president is a black man. Gas is a little over $3. The iPad 2 came out pretty recently. Food trucks have been around for a year. Stephen Colbert spoke in the Northwestern Commencement. The Packers won the Superbowl. The Mavs won the NBA Finals. The semi-annual training will be on the book of Psalms.

A little about me: I am a very normal Christian, living a very normal Christian life of loving the Lord, reading the Bible, enjoying the Spirit, and meeting with other fellow believers. I am a very biased Lakers fan. I am also very big advocate of Human-Centered Design, which is simply just a very fancy way of saying that I like to put on your shoes before I do anything to help you out. I am also a very avid reader. I used to read a lot of novels when I was young, but now I just read non-fiction books geared towards teaching some specific skill.

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