Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Winter Break Recap (2) - Winter Training One-Sentence Recaps!

So, to update you what had happened last week at the terminal... My flight was supposed to leave at midnight and arrive at Chicago the following morning at 6 AM. Due to some airplane problems, we ended up leaving around 4 AM and arriving close to 10 AM? I had a class at noon, which I was supposed to have caught, but I missed it. Funny thing is, this happened last year too.. and you know what else happened last year? The Wisconsin Badgers played at the Rose Bowl. And they lost. Hmm.. I wonder if there is a direct correlation here...

Anyhow,  I wanted to give a brief recap of the winter training in this post, and then hope to get back on to something old or new. I don't know what to say about the messages, except that the speaking brothers were filled with nothing less than the burden of the Lord Himself. There is no possible way I can recap all 12 messages, but I like to give one sentence that sums up or encapsulates the message. (Disclaimer: by doing this, I am doing no justice to these rich and overflowing messages. Please get into them!)

Message 1:
Christ needs to be properly appreciated by giving Him the preeminence, of which one way to do is to love Him with the first love and forsake all idols.

Message 2:
The Triune God became flesh to tabernacle among us (Jn. 1:14) not only so that He can dwell among us but so that He can become enterable!

Message 3:
God's heart's desire is for Zion - the overcomers - because Christ is in Zion!

Message 4:
To experience God in the highest and fullest way is to take Him as our habitation, which means to take Him as everything, and enjoy Him in all aspects of our living.

Message 5:
May the Lord Spirit operate in us and apply resurrection life to know Christ, build the church, experience the cross, deal with our natural self, comfort the saints in affliction, be a living testimony, produce a ministry in resurrection, and live in the realm of the Body of Christ.

Message 6:
The highest revelation of Christ is in Psalm 110 as the King, High Priest, Warrior, Victor, and Drinker.

Message 7:
Christ as the cornerstone is the consummate revelation in the Psalms and everything He has done and accomplished is found in this cornerstone for His consummate goal, the building up of the Body of Christ.

Message 8:
Christ is the reality of the law as God's living word, to infuse His living substance into His loving seekers.

Message 9:
May Zion and Jerusalem remain deeply in our consideration and concern.

Message 10:
Behold how good and how pleasant it is, for brothers to dwell in unity!

Message 11:
Christ is recovering the earth!

Message 12:
What left is there to say buy, Praise the Lord!

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