Sunday, January 20, 2013

My Semester Abroad.. in Pictures

Where I left from.. (I think the last pics I posted were from Poland):

International Blending Conference in Baarlo, Holland.
Cycling around Baarlo, Holland.
London District 11 (Greenwich) Sisters
London District 11 (Greenwich) Brothers
Renato's Farewell party at the Central London broflat
A typical Thursday night at the Ballard's home meeting in Greenwich.
The excellent that I was privileged to be built up with on Thursdays. Ballard's home meeting at Greenwich.
At a jail in Dublin with Jacob and Tim. Obviously on tour, not for stay.
University Conference at Bower House in London.
Baptisms at the University Conference at Bower House, London
University Conference at Bower Houser, London
Visiting the saints in Cardiff! At the Chung's abode.
Last London Monthly Student Meeting of the year of 2012.
Last Central London home meeting of the year at the Chow's.
Winter BBQ at the Greenwich BroHo/Farewell party for the Americans.
Amazing weather and view at Malaga, Spain -- After the Malaga conference.
Staying at the Linero's after the Malaga conference.
At the Malaga bay with saints from Spain, Holland, New Zealand, and America
Another great view from the slopes of Malaga. 
An early dinner at 9 PM, in the streets of Malaga.
Acts 2:46. Meeting with the saints is the greatest joy on earth!
Cycling around Vlaardigen, Holland. Seen in this picture: Norway, Spain, Holland, Italy, UK and America.
First Winter School of Truth on the European continent! Senior group.
Baptisms at Winter School of Truth in Holland. 
New Year's Eve in Holland. Getting ready to celebrate Dutch holidays.
As the clock ticked 12 at the Nieuwlink's home on New Year's Eve

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  1. This photo collection looks awesome, Joseph. Sounds like you had a glorious time abroad.