Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Experience of Abraham (Part 3)

Sorry for the delay. I made sure I made time to write tonight. Here are my excuses if you are interested: (1) I was busy, (2) I was distracted, (3) I was busy.

So, where were we? That's right! My dad has just been blindfolded and taken into a place where they held Communist/Socialist idealists captive. In such camps, they would interrogate, torture, and try such ones who they thought were North Korean spies. And my dad stayed there for a total of 6 months.

Some time during the middle of those 6 months, the political atmosphere in Korea began to change. To be honest, I don't quite fully know all the different "parties" and their political views, but let's just say that this notion of having a government for the people began to be more accepted than it was a few months ago. Thanks to this change, my dad was let out of prison.


This, I believe, is where my dad really started making a turn. Having gotten out of jail, he went back to continue pastoring the group of factory workers and helping form labor unions. But soon enough, my dad began to realize something different. He and others were claiming that they were doing God's will in helping others, but is that what God really wants? He began to question himself and his work and if it really was something of God's heart's desire. So he began to read the Bible, and this time, in a whole new light. The seminary he attended had taught him to interpret the word with the point of view of helping the poor. This time around, he began to read it without such distortion. And things were dawning upon him.. light after light. As his diet of the bible changed, so did his preaching. And the people that were under him started to notice that my dad was becoming a person. And soon enough, one-by-one, the congregation started leaving.


And somewhere in that blur of time, I come into the scene. From what I hear, I was a really healthy baby. But as I was reaching a year old, I became very sick. I was having some digestion problems and the doctors could not figure out what was wrong with me. If I remember correctly, I wasn't supposed to make it very far. This and a couple of other scenarios really caused my dad to seek after the Lord. Much prayer and fasting went on not only for me, but also for direction in which way to head on.

I'm going to cut it off here and start a fresh entry, because I have to admit, this part of the story was more on the dry, factual, chronological side. I don't want to put good wine in bad wineskins.

Part Four

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