Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Han-Eul ee Hyung

I hate to admit this, but one of the things I hate most is seeing family part. Even in the movies when I know they are fake, I have a hard time not welling up. One thing I hate even more is to realize that I'm one of the characters in that scene.

Tonight was Han-Eul-ee Hyung's last night in the States. After being delayed for a while due to some personal reasons, he was finally able to catch his flight today (he was supposed to leave 2 weeks ago). These past two weeks, I had a great time. Han-Eul-ee Hyung was always very human -- sincere in his thoughts and feelings. My korean name is Han-Sol. I almost feel like we are more than just those who share the same first character of our names -- we were actually brothers.

This was made manifest tonight. Han-Eul-ee Hyung, like any other male guy, and always boasted in his masculinity. And I told myself as it was getting close to 9PM, that I wasn't going to cry. Well, Han-Eul-ee Hyung had just packed everything into the car, and I went upstairs to look for my dad. As I came downstairs, I saw a big giant sobbing like a little girl, hugging my mom who also was very teary-eyed. Upon seeing this, my eyes didn't give out any warnings, but just let go.

Well, what a summer break. It's been awesome. Let's recap what has happened thanks to Han-Eul-ee Hyung these past two weeks:

1) We went hiking. And we did this:

2) Jay-Hyung got saved and baptized. Jay Hyung is another story of its own. For time's sake, let's just say that two weeks ago, he had no belief that a divine being existed. I think Han-Eul-ee Hyung brought in a lot of cherishing and shepherding just by being very human. This has resulted in a series of events that ended up with Jay Hyung becoming a very different person than he used to be. I'm most happy about this.

3) We got to eat a lot of good food. I know he didn't do this on purpose, but Han-Eul-ee Hyung's plans being delayed and delayed got us a lot of really good food, a lot of times.

4) The list can go on and on, but you probably won't care. This blog was mostly for myself actually.

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