Friday, September 30, 2011

On the Other Side -- First Time Serving at the Summer School of Truth

So, I know I haven't wrote in a while, and I should be writing some of the more entertaining blogs on the Abraham and Isaac series, but I've been holding on this one a tad bit too long. So I wanted to write it.

This past summer I had the privilege to serve at the Summer School of Truth. The Summer School of Truth is, as the name states, a time where junior-high and high school kids get together to learn items of the truth -- the Triune God, the Bible, the Church, the Two Spirits, God's Full Salvation and Life. Not only is it a school where you learn, but an awesome time where you get to be with other Christians growing together.

I lived in Los Angeles my junior high and high school years and I got to attend these truth schools every summer. It was definitely the highlight of my year and something I always looked forward to. Personally, I would have to admit that most of my spiritual growth during my pre-college years came out of these truth schools.

The first one I ever attended was on the Triune God -- I understood nil. But I just remember having a great time singing and releasing our spirits pray-reading the Word and getting to hear everybody's portion during the overflow time. Although I was too young to understand such a complex topic, the experience of being around Christians that were your age, a few years older than you, and a lot older than you was encouraging. I could envision where I should be in a few years, as well as in a few dozen years.

The second year, it was on the Bible, and during that time, the full Recovery Version bible (OT + NT + footnotes) had just come out. There was a challenge that year that whoever memorized all the subjects of  all the 66 books of the Bible and could recite it all at once, would be awarded the full RV bible. A few other young people and I really pushed and set aside time to do this. And we got it!

Anyway, I can ramble on and on regarding my experience in the Summer School of Truth. If I could sum it all up in one word, it would be awesome!

Well, the summer I graduated high school, I went to the College Training and Poland YP conference which were good substitutions for the truth school. But this last summer, I was able to attend another summer school of truth, but from the other side -- the side of a serving one.

It's really interesting, but when you serve the young people, you receive a double portion of enjoyment. First, the portion that you receive by being there, and second, the portion of seeing the young ones enjoy their portion. I would have to say that the latter is so much more precious than the former.

By the way, for those who have never heard of the term "serving one" it basically is someone who is a tad bit more mature than the ones you are "serving" to guide the young ones. Like the name states, it's not one who lords it over, but one who serves. Simply put, a servant.

Anyhow, every truth school is different, and the Summer School of Truth in Chicago was two weeks long in two different places. The first week was in a small local church in Streamwood, while the second week was at a Christian camp called Camp Grow, by Green Lake, Wisconsin.

To fill you in in some details, we had just finished the College Training in Fairborn, and literally as our wheels rolled into Chicago, we headed up north to Streamwood. Anyhow, I feel like I can write a whole blog on a single day.. which I should have done.. sigh..

I just want to conclude with what were my experiences as a Serving One. First of all, it's not a huge, spiritual role. It's simply being a pattern of enjoying the Lord in front of very hungry young people. If you want to find the Lord's blessing, this is the place to come. The Lord always had a heart for the little children, and I don't find it surprising that the Lord is very present in the awesome sight of precious young people who have consecrated a whole two weeks of their summer vacation to enjoy the Lord. Being a serving one also really forces you to take down the material. The few times I had the privilege of sharing, it always consisted of having myself thoroughly cleansed to be a channel for the Lord. It always forced me to go before the Lord to really inquire what the Lord's burden was and drop my own thoughts.

Anyhow, I wish I can talk about all the fun we had during week 2, but for now, I'm going to have to cut it.. Till next time!

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  1. That's a precious experience, Joseph. It's so true, in serving, I realize as well that the key is really who we are, not merely what we do. Throughout the years, being part of Christians on Campus, being part of the church life, the best shepherding that I've received consists of many patterns, clouds of witnesses. Their pouring out for Christ and the church are truly inspiring, perfecting, and motivating. Thanks for sharing!