Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Commanding the Lord's Blessing by Taking the Blended Way

I cannot describe with adequate feeling what the past two weeks have been like. Wednesdays (today) are all-London coordination meeting at Bower House. And having finished coordination at its regular time, we ended up coming back around 4 PM. That's when it hit. I have not been back home this early, ever, for the last two weeks or so. It's been a crazy, yet, such a rewarding time. There's no room for tiredness. There's no time for yourself. The Lord is moving, and if we are not following Him, we may miss our opportunity to participate in such a privileged time!

We are so blessed to be in the Lord's recovery, and to be in His recovery today. I have to admit, a few weeks ago, I was blind in how much the Lord is moving, especially here in Europe. The Lord truly desires to expedite His coming, and for that, He needs to gain this land as a testimony against the age.

Enough of my excited rambling. Let me give you a few reports. Over a thousand bibles, one-thousand one-hundred thirty-six to be exact, have been given out this past week to university students here in the London area. This is something beyond what every one of us have been expecting. We are not doing anything particularly special -- no drama, no rock band, no nothing. Just lovers of Christ, passing out the Word of God.

So, to be honest, I don't know why so many university students have been coming to our teeny table standing in the end of the sidewalk, asking for Bibles. Actually, scratch that, I think I may know of a crucial element that played a key role in creating such a hunger for the Word:

The Lord blesses the oneness, which is brought in by taking the blended way. We are not here just to carry out a successful campus work with structured organizations. We are here to build up the Body of Christ.

Prayer and fellowship time at the bookshop.
It all started out when a few dozen saints - students, full-time serving ones, and community - came to a small bookshop on Pentonville Road to enjoy the Lord together and pray for His move amongst the universities in London. Many paid not-a-small price in coming, time-wise and money-wise. 

So, I can try to analyze every single element in our Fresher's distributions, but I think just showing some pictures would be most entertaining.

Our first distribution. At the Westminster campus - 52 Bibles.
Queen Mary! This is the university where I'll be studying for the semester - 60 Bibles (ran out of Bibles). No picture, but South Bank distributed 80 Bibles before running out as well.
Sorry for the blurry picture -- after our double-hitter Wednesday (day we distributed at two campuses at the same time), we had a welcome dinner for the new ones. Food and fellowship was great! - Approx. 10 new ones or so.
Thursday @ University of Greenwich - 127 Bibles. We didn't run out of Bibles this time...because we got a second load! More Bibles were distributed on Friday as well.
Welcome Dinner @ University of Greenwich - 5 new ones or so. Another time of much enjoyment and really, really good food. There was also a second welcome dinner on Friday with more new ones!
Kingston on Friday. Kingston distributed 700 Bibles in total for the entire week! Amazing!!
Saturday Picnic @ Greenwich Park
Tuesday @ Brunel. 144 Bibles (ran out again) given out in 4 hours or so.
Brunel Welcome Dinner with 7 (or 8?) new ones. Again, really great food. We forgot songbooks so we just decided to sing verses from the Bible. Awesome time of fellowship.

Not to say that the Lord will not bear fruit this year, but even if we bore no fruit, I feel that there has been such a strong building up amongst the students here in London. And not just amongst the students, but with the full-time serving ones as well as the community saints. I truly believe that the Lord will grant us some remaining fruit this year. It's been an awesome opportunity to be part of such a laboring, paying a price for one another - praying for one another's campuses, going to each other's campuses, etc.. Blending really takes place when we are enjoying the Lord together, and there is no better way to enjoy the Lord together than singing with one another in the middle of the street!

And the things is, we are not finished yet! We are tackling one more campus twice this week, granting us two more days of blending with one another. The Lord is itching to gain more ground!

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