Monday, September 17, 2012

Greetings from London!

Hello there! It's been a while, a very looong while. I apologize. I have to admit that this last spring, I got a little burnt out and lost my motivation to blog, so I took a small hiatus. But I'm back now...on the other side of the pond! That's right, I'm currently on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean in the other "United" country (the UK). I'll be taking this next semester off to study at Queen Mary University. I actually have been in Europe since the end of August, but have been very occupied with other sorts of things. Like what? You may ask. Well, mainly traveling to many different cities around Europe to visit the saints.

I would really love to talk about every single event and city, but if I did, I would bore you to death. So, I'll let some pictures do the talking. They say that a picture is a thousand words right? So, I'm still writing a lot, just in different media. Enjoy:

Bower House. Our family took hospitality close to the Bower House. This is the training center where the Lord has been actively moving the last few months through the Bible distributions.

Buckingham Palace. Of course, our family had to do the touristy stuff around London. I'll post more pictures in a future blog, maybe. But for now, this will suffice.

Amanatrust bookshop and cafe.

The Kang's. Our families have known each other for a while. Brother Newman used to serve at San Diego before migrating here to London. This is right in front of Bower House.

Our journeys then led us north to the land of the Scots! This is up a hill in Edinburgh with our dear brother Haggai Kim.

With the Kim's family at their restaurant - Kim's Korean Mini Meals. If there was a chart that accounted best tasting Korean food vs. Distance from Korea, this place would be an outlier. Beats Chicagoan Korean food for sure.

London Bible Distributions. What a blessed time! I cannot describe that one Wednesday with words. People are hungry for God's word. The Lord blesses when the entire Body acts and moves in one accord. In this picture alone, three continents are represented.

Colosseum, Rome. My dad and I took a little tour to Rome, Italy. This little detour may deserve a blog post of its own. Let's see if it surfaces. More pictures to follow.

The church in Madrid. Our family reunited again in Madrid, Spain, where we were able to join the table meeting there.

Segovilla, Spain.

Segovilla, Spain. Touristy stuff. They say that castle in the background is what inspired the castle in Disneyland. It was a really cool castle.

Madrid, Spain. I have to say that Madrid is one of the cleanest cities in Europe.

Cordoba, Spain. This is the beginning of our long trek south to visit the churches in southern Spain! On the left is brother Jameson Chen who migrated to Spain a few years ago and was our indispensable guide for the trip. He speaks perfect Spanish.

Prayer meeting at the church in Cordoba. Here is where I was forced to speak Spanish.

Sevilla, Spain. Second from the left is sister Cynthia. She is a very young sister who is an indispensable pillar for the church in Sevilla. Due to some circumstances, the church in Sevilla was left to be a few families in number. Still, she has been a steady rock, still standing for the Lord's testimony in Sevilla. We have no excuse, and I mean it. If you think the church life is hard, you need to hear this sister's testimony.

The church in Malaga. The biggest locality in Spain, full of authentic Spaniards. Wish I could have spent more time here blending with the saints.

The Martinez family. Dear couple where we stayed for hospitality. These saints have been in the church life for so long!  Pillars who love the Lord and follow the ministry in an absolute way.

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