Sunday, August 14, 2011

Blending Trip to St. Louis

Just came back from an awesome blending trip to St. Louis, Missouri. The brothers and sisters I have met there will forever be in my heart.

We left from the Church in Chicago meeting hall a little after noon. We composed of myself, Patty, and the Navarrete family. As usual, the car ride with the Navarrete's was unseemingly amusing. We ended up breaking into their friday night home meeting around 8:00 PM. I may say this a lot, but I really mean this -- I appreciate being able to walk into a stranger's house and enjoy the Lord together with Christians I've never met before. This is why I love the church life and the fellowship of the Body of Christ. All the saints I met there seem like I've known since I was born.

I got to stay in the St. Louis brother's house, where Joe and Timothy lived. I truly appreciate the fellowship I had with these two brothers. Anyhow, Saturday morning, Joe and I cooked a fancy breakfast for ourselves consisting of eggs, bacon, bread and coffee. Soon after, we went to brother Julio's house. There we had some of the God-Ordained Way fellowship, which was really enjoyable and practical! After grabbing lunch together, we went gospel preaching in the loop area of St. Louis. We met an interesting fella by the name of Cody. By the way, he had a self-proclaimed middle name, "Babble." As the name states, he likes to babble a lot. For every minute Joe and I got to say something, he would speak for a good five minutes. I never had any encounter like this. Anyhow, I eventually figured out that there was no way I can reason with this guy. So I decided to get straight to the point. Romans 10:13 says that whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. I asked Cody if we can try out an experiment. He agreed. So I told him:

"Okay, I want you to call on the name of George Washington three times."

Cody gave me a face, but decided to give it a go anyway -- "George Washington, George Washington, George Washington," said Cody.

"Well, do you feel any different?" I inquired.

And as I expected, "Nope," Cody replied.

"That's right, because George Washington is dead in his grave right now, and as a dead person he can't come to you when you call on him," I said. Milliseconds later, before he had a chance to start babbling again, I inserted: "Now, I want you to call Lord Jesus three times."

Again, he gave me a what-in-the-world? look. But as I insisted, he quietly responded: "Lord Jesus, Lord Jesus, Lord Jesus."

I should have stopped it there, but I tried to say a few more things, which ended up in another 5 minutes of babbling. Anyhow, I learned from my mistakes... in the case I meet a similar guy.

We went to Cold Stone afterwards to grab some ice cream and take a break. Joe and Timothy then showed me around the Wash U. campus, which was a beautiful campus. Lord's Day morning, we met with the Church in St. Louis to break the bread, had lunch at Sweet Tomatoes with the saints there, and left shortly after back to Chicago.

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