Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I wanted to make a post today, but it's so late now.. I have to go to bed.

Today was fun. This week has been very productive. So to tell you of what I've been doing this summer after that crazy month of consecutive events, I have been helping out in preparations for the Christians on Campus club with UIC and NU. For the past week, it's been mainly with UIC, since school starts early for them.

This "work" I do is almost like a full-time job. Starting as early as 8:30 AM and going as late as 9:30 PM. I have been worked. But I feel very satisfied and rested. You know why? Because it's not like any other job. It's heavenly. We start out at 8:30 PM by singing a hymn. What workplace starts your day singing praises to the Lord? Then we feed our spiritual stomachs by getting into the Word in a prayerful way. This way of reading the Word is so much beneficial than just eyeing through the lines of the pages. We take the time to prayer God's own words back to Him. Sweet times. After getting into some expository reading material, we begin our labor.

We labor by prayer. There is a quote by Watchman Nee somewhere that says something like "Why do we work so much and pray so little, when we can do so much with prayer...?" I love how everything we do, we cover it in prayer. The small details such as making the flyers for our welcome dinner. The day before, as Dion and I were working on this together, I just felt a negative feeling in my being that I was trying to work so hard on this flyer out of my natural strength and I was trying to work with Dion in a good but very natural way. We started praying, and although very awkward and hard at first, we really pulled through. We usually spend about an hour praying for the things we are about to work on that specific day. I've never prayed so long together with a group of believers, and I must say it's wonderful.

After prayer to cover everything, we begin working. Some of our freer days we like to get into some ministry material together. It's good to get fed and constituted with the truths in the Bible, so that we become competent to teach others. It also provides us much nourishment.

Our labor goes on till around lunch time, where the brothers usually grab lunch together. These times of eating together and just fellowshipping are one of the precious moments of the day. It's just so good to be with the brothers. Every lunch time while we take a rest, I see myself and another brother across the table, and I just thank the Lord for putting me in an environment where I get to hang out with brothers all the day.

Labor continues after lunch depending on what and how much needs to be done. But in the afternoon time I like to get a little bit of personal truth hunting myself. (I will talk about this later sometime)...

After that, usually go home and once I take care of dinner and chores and other things, I end up in a time like the one I'm staring at right now.. around 11:53 PM. Good night folks.

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  1. Hi Joseph,

    I've just come across your blog and found it very interesting, so keep up the writing!

    And I also liked how you described your day here, and explained what the Semi-Annual Training is on another post, so will refer people here if I ever need to!